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Not everyone needs regular housekeeping services but would like to get their home a spring clean when hosting a special occasion. Tara4cleaning offering special event cleaning. Whenever you need some help with preparing the house before a Birthday gathering or a Graduation party. Be it the family visiting or if you are hosting the Christmas party for your friends. We can help you to relax and have time to organize the fun part while we will handle the hard cleaning.

You are busy with the guest list or getting the right presents but you can rely on our team of highly professionals who are ready to provide excellent work before the big day. We will assist you when you need it the most. Our team will carry on a special cleaning for each job we get with the same level of a keen eye for details. Your satisfaction is our pride.

But whenever you might just don't want to sacrifice your Saturday with the annual spring cleaning, we still got your back. Rather spend some time with your friends or get a good book going in a nice cafe, by the time you are back your home is sparkle again. So you can go ahead and just get your best mates over for a dinner.

Let our efficient, trustworthy, and highly professional people help make your home nice, fresh and ready for any special occasion. We want you to have the best time, and all to go without a speck of dust. So we on our part will make every effort to meets your complete satisfaction.
 Special cleaning service provides the following:

    • Flexibility with your requirement.
    • We will listen to your needs and requirements and will always give you the most accurate estimate of your costs as is possible.
    • All our staff members are fully qualified and insured.
    • We work in teams of either 2 or 3 cleaning experts
    • Service available Monday to Saturday 08:00 to 17:00
    • Special cleaning session may cover the entire property cleaning or focus on a specific area, it depends on your priority, preference and budget.

Not everyone needs regular house cleaning services, but would like to give their home a spring/blitz clean before hosting a special occasion.

Tara 4 cleaning offers such a service. Our team will carry out a detailed spring/blitz clean to meet the high standards of our clients, to insure your home is ready to host your event.

  • Halloween please call for the quote
  • Christmas please call for the quote
  • After Parties please call for the quote
  • Dinner Parties please call for the quote

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